SAP's Design Process

by Kathleen McSweeney, SAP AG, Usability Engineering Center – Last changed on 30.04.2002

This paper is outdated.

SAP's Design Process consists of five main steps. Below is a short description of each step. This process provides you with a guideline on how to design software products that meet the user's needs and goals.



A brainstorming session helps the project team to come to a common understanding of the domain. Through sketching the main role's workflow you can clearly recognize what information is missing and needs to be gathered in the site visit interviews. This session provides a basis for setting a focus and creating questions for the site visits. Note: The 'big picture' that you get from this session about the domain does not necessarily reflect reality.

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Site Visits

Site visits give you a clear insight into the real world, and working practice of your end users. You find out the end users' goals, problems, tasks, information needs and communication networks. This information provides the foundation of your design.

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Interaction Design Session

In Design sessions you begin the design of the interface. Taking the data you consolidated from Site Visits as a starting point, a methodology is applied step by step to develop a user interface and an initial prototype. You begin by solving the high-level problems you recognized from the site visits, by creating sketches and scenarios, and move towards a detailed design.

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Usability Reviews

In a Usability Review the User Interface Designer tests the usability of an application, identifies problems and comes up with solutions.

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User Day

The purpose of a User Day is for end users to test the usability of an application. After the test the end users identify and prioritize the main problems they discovered. The User Interface Designer/s and developers then solve these problems.

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