Current Edition: Edition 12 – published March 9, 2012

This twelfth edition of the SAP Design Guild, which has been published in cooperation with SAP’s Accessibility Competence Center in Walldorf, Germany, once again picks up the topic of accessibility. Our previous edition on accessibility, edition number nine, is more than six years old and starts to show its age.

Curb cutThis new accessibility edition has two focus points. Firstly, we report about SAP's activities in the accessibility field by presenting SAP's accessibility standard, testing procedures, and products status documents, in which SAP reports the accessibility status of its products. And secondly, we address more technical topics. The first article in this section is once again SAP-related and covers a new SAPGUI theme for users with visual impairments, called the high contrast black theme. The second one takes a look into the future of accessible internet applications, which might also be interesting for SAP. It motivates and discusses the emerging ARIA standard, with ARIA standing for "accessible rich internet applications".

As always, this edition is accompanied by a reference section. It contains updated versions of our accessibility glossary, accessibility links and references, and, last but not least, an overview of the visual sense, the predominant modality that accessibility efforts address, and of visual disabilities.

We hope that you will find our new accessibility edition both interesting and useful.

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