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Updated: November 19, 2013

On this page, we list articles from SAP Design Guild Editions and Highlight Topics according to Editions/Highlight Topics and in the order of their publication.

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Highlight Topic 4: Information Visualization

Information Visualization (published September 2013)

Introduction and Overview

Interactive Visualization

Network Analysis

Charts and Graphics, Infographics

Book List, Reviews, and More

References and More

Edition 12: Accessibility

Accessibility Edition (published March, 2012)

Leading Article

SAP and Accessibility

More Technical Articles

For Your Reference

Highlight Topic 3: Designing for a Sustainable Future

Designing for a Sustainable Future (published July, 2011; updated December, 2011)

Overview Article

Designing for Sustainability and SAP

DUXU 2011 Sustainability Session

Sustainability and Workforce


Book Reviews

Special Edition 11: 10th Anniversary Edition

10th Anniversary Edition (published March, 2010; updated in 2010 and 2011)

Leading Article and History

Spotlight Articles

Sustainaility, Design, SAP, and More...

Design for All

Book Reviews

Highlight Topic 2: Human Performance at the Computer

Human Performance at the Computer (published November, 2008; updated March, 2010)

Leading Articles

Introductory Articles

Human Performance at the Computer

If All Else Fails...

The PeP Project


Book Reviews

Highlight Topic 1: Universal Usability

Universal Usability (published December, 2007; updated March, 2010)

Main Article

Related Articles



Book Reviews

Special Edition 10: SAP User Experience

SAP User Experience (published December, 2006; updated February, 2012)

Leading Article

New SAP UX Projects

User-Centered Design

Visual Design


More Project Reports



Edition 9: Accessibility 2005

Accessibility (published May/June, 2005; partly outdated)

Leading Articles

SAP's Accessibility Approach

Regulations and More

Assistive and Other Technology

Personal Report


Edition 8: User Productivity

User Productivity (published November, 2004)

Leading and General Articles

User Productivity Topics

More User Productivity

Edition 7: Composite Applications

xApps and Composite Application Design (published October, 2003)


Leading and General Articles

Theoretical Foundations

Designing xApps, Examples of SAP xApps

Edition 6: Branding

Branding – Making a Mark on the Collective Consciousness (published February, 2003)

Leading Article


All About Branding

SAP and Branding

Edition 5: Collaboration

Collaboration – Working Efficiently in a Complex Network of People and Information (published September, 2002)

Leading Article


Communities, Knowledge Management, and More...

SAP Collaboration Projects

Edition 4: Accessibility

Accessibility – Section 508 and its Consequences (published February, 2002; outdated)

Leading Article

SAP Accessibility Competence Center

Around Accessibility

Assistive and Other Technology

Visual Disabilites


Personal Reports

Edition 3: Portals

Portals – The Information, Functionality and Services I Need at My Fingertips (published May, 2001)

Leading Article

What is a Portal?

What's in a Portal: MiniApps, Generic MiniApps

User-Centered Portal Design

Graphic Design and Branding

"Real" Portal Projects

Edition 2: Reporting

Reporting – Turning Data into Information (published December, 2000)

Leading Article

Current Trends in Reporting


Information Visualization

Selected Portals

Edition 1: mySAP.com Workplace and Portals

mySAP.com Workplace and MiniApps – Steps towards a Personalized and Efficient Electronic Work Environment (published August, 2000)


Edition 0: Philosophy Edition

Continuous Improvement! (published April, 2000)




User Experience


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