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World Usability Day 2006 – "Making Life Easy"

By Christine Wiegand & Gerd Waloszek, SAP User Experience, SAP AG – November 24, 2006

World Usability Day 2006 posterFor an increasing number of customers, product usability has become a central quality criterion. To answer these requirements of simplicity and intuitiveness, the Usability Professionals' Association (UPA) initiated World Usability Day 2006 (WUD) on November 14, promoting the value of usability engineering and user-centered design and the belief that every user has the responsibility to ask for things that work better.

The SAP User Experience team co-hosted a local event in Walldorf together with kuehlhaus AG and the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim, presenting practical examples of usability and holding a panel discussion. 

More than 200 visitors (70 external and 150 SAP employees) attended the event in Walldorf and listened to the talks of Prof. Beiderwellen, Christian Reschke (Vorstand kuelhaus AG) and two SAP colleagues. During the breaks, students of the University of Applied Sciences demonstrated interesting designs and applications.



  • 13.30: Introduction
  • 14.00-14.45: Usability in the Design of Interactive Media – Prof. Dipl. Des. Kai Beiderwellen, University of Applied Sciences, Mannheim, Germany
  • 14.45-15.30: Methods for the Development of interactive Websites – Christian Reschke, kuehlhaus AG, Weinheim, Germany
  • 15.30-16.00: Coffee break (demonstrations and exhibitions)
  • 16.00-16.40: Application Design in Software Programming – Matthias Harbusch and Ulrike Weissenberger, SAP AG
  • 16.45-17.15: Panel Discussion – Moderation by Ulrich Kreichgauer, SAP AG
  • 17.15-17.30: Get together



Presentations and Panel Discussion

Ulrich Kreichgauer Prof. Kai Beiderwellen
Ulrich Kreichgauer (SAP UX, Knowledge Management) moderated the event Prof. Kai Beiderwellen (Hochschule Mannheim)

Christian Reschke

Christian Reschke (kühlhaus AG, Weinheim)

Ulrike Weissenberger

Ulrike Weissenberger (SAP UX, Methods)

Matthias Harbusch

Matthias Harbusch (SAP UX, Applications)

Panel discussion

Panel discussion

Student Exhibits and Demonstrations

Student demonstrations Student demonstrations
Student demonstrations Student demonstrations

Booths in SAP's International Training Center

Lively discussions at the booths At the booths
Lively discussions at the booths Lively discussions at the booths

Photos by Gerd Waloszek, SAP User Experience, Sony Alpha 100


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