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SAP User Experience Conference 2010, Shanghai

By Jeff Zhu and Terry Wang, SAP User Experience, SAP Labs China, Shanghai – July 9, 2010original article (story)

Conference Agenda | Sessions | Speakers

The SAP User Experience conference will be held at Shanghai International Convention Center on July 17th, 2010 (Saturday). Dan Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, SAP User Experience, and Michael Arent, Vice President of SAP Business Objects User Experience, will share their 30 years of UX experience. Moreover, a reputable group of industry experts and college professors will discuss with you innovative ideas, research, and project operation in workshops and round table sessions. The SAP User Experience team will provide you with a great opportunity for UX professionals to catch the hottest topics and build connections with international experts and peers.

Don't miss the chance. If you would like to attend our conference (FREE!), please send your name, company, job title, and your cell phone number to zheng.guan@sap.com

Since we have limited seats, registrations will be accepted on a "first come, first serve" basis.

A confirmation email will be sent to you by July 12th (with a confirmation number). Please print it out and bring it to the conference. It will serve as your entrance ticket.

All rights are reserved by the SAP User Experience Team, China. In case you have any question, please send an email to zheng.guan@sap.com or call 86-21-61083316.

Conference Agenda

Time Program Room
10:00-10:05 Opening Speech by Jui Shang-Ling Yangzte River Hall
10:05-11:05 1. Keynote by Dan Rosenberg
Global Sustainability: where can HCI professionals effectively contribute?
11:05-12:05 2. Keynote by Michael Arent
Designing for the DNA of Business
12:05-14:00 Lunch (Buffet) Riverside Hall
14:00-15:30 3. Workshop by Sylvia Barnard
Global User Research: The Adventure of Dealing with Other Cultures
Meeting Room 5B & 5C
4. Workshop by Michael Arent
Effective Prototyping
Meeting Room 5D & 5E
5. Presentation
  • Ethnography Study in User Research,
    by Prof. Linong Dai
  • Psychological Research on Presentation of Chinese Characteristics,
    by Prof. Zhifang Shao
  • Research of People's Security in Large Public Space,
    by SJTU project team
Meeting Room 5F
15:30-15:45 Coffee Break 5th Floor
15:45-17:15 6. Round Table by Jeff Zhu
Sustainable UCD
Meeting Room 5B & 5C
7. Workshop by Alex Zhu
Design Enlightened by Megatrends
Meeting Room 5D & 5E
17:15-18:00 Gathering Party 5th Floor


Global Sustainability: Where can HCI professionals effectively contribute?

Keynote by Dan Rosenberg

Today, one of the most prevalent topics in all design related fields is global sustainability. This is motivated by political forces (e.g. the Green party in Europe), social consciousness regarding the environment and climate change in addition to economic factors. Sustainability can be approached at both a personal and a professional level. At the personal level it involves the consumption choices we make on a daily basis. However, it is at the professional level where the greater opportunity to have a significant impact can be found for those you design systems, products and experiences.

What is HCI's professional potential contribution to global sustainability?

This talk will first provide an overall framework for understanding the policy and economic variables related to engineering products and systems for sustainability. Then within this framework it will explore several issues facing the HCI community regarding its maturity of practice as we endeavor to participate in this area. Several "state of the art" industrial sustainability solutions from SAP with a strong focus on usability will be included as a case study to help shape the discussion. Finally, specific suggestions will be presented (to be debated by the audience) illustrating how HCI methods can increase the probability of success in meeting this critical design challenge.

Designing for the DNA of Business

Keynote by Michael Arent

The human body is an intricate array of systems with different functions that make decisions daily. What synchronizes all of these functions so the body knows what to do and when to do it? The DNA. It contains all the necessary information to operate and sustain the body through day-to-day changes, generation after generation. Analogous to the human body, business is an intricate array of systems with different functions that make regular decisions as well. Michael Arent's keynote presentation looks at the DNA of biological systems as a model for today's complex business systems and how design can be applied to that.

Global User Research: The Adventure of Dealing with Other Cultures

Workshop by Sylvia Barnard

In this hands-on workshop you will find out how to organize, plan and conduct international user research.

We will discuss how to:

  • Set up and manage international projects
  • Localize and globalize material
  • Do proper preparation
  • Plan the logistics for international studies
You will also have the opportunity to talk about your own experiences and hear about different international research projects.

Effective Prototyping for Software Makers

Workshop by Michael Arent

Attending this workshop will empower participants to plan, design, build and socialize prototypes that convey enough information about a product at the appropriate time thus setting expectations appropriately.

Prototyping is a broad topic with a history steeped in the processes of invention, creativity and innovation. It is important in staking claim to intellectual property and is an essential design activity. The workshop, Effective Prototyping for Software Makers, covers the process of prototyping as a key activity of software strategic planning, design and development in addition to the breadth and depth of prototyping characteristics, methods, and tools. In this workshop (featuring hands-on activity) you'll learn about various prototyping techniques, including wireframes, card sorting, storyboard prototyping, Wizard of Oz prototypes, and more! It is a workshop based on a comprehensive book with the same title (co-authored by Michael Arent, Jonathan Arnowitz, and Nevin Berger) that is filled with practical knowledge, a passion for prototyping, savvy insights, and clear examples.

Sustainable UCD

Round Table by Jeff Zhu

Sustainability, in a general sense, is the capacity to maintain a certain process or state indefinitely. There are 3 phases for sustainability of user-centered design: survival phases, growing phases and sustainable phase in a cultural and social context. Let's sit down together to share the experience how to make UCD sustainable in each phase in the following aspects as example:

  • How to show the design value effectively and efficiently?
  • How to achieve flexibility and scalability for design process?
  • How to integrate UCD with existing product development process as a complimentor to extend the design excellence to product development?
  • How to reuse and renew research data, design patterns, design methodology and project experience?

Design Enlightened by Megatrends

Workshop by Alex Zhu

The term "Megatrends," as coined by futurist John Naisbitt in 1980, refers to those macro-level paradigm shifts that make long-lasting and far-reaching influence to our technology, economy, and society.

This presentation will be structured as the following:

  1. An overview of some abstracted "megatrends" with examples and case studies from various industries such as consumer goods, financial services, etc.
  2. Link these generic megatrends to the "Enterprise Computing" context, and explain what are big transformations we expect to see in this area in the next a few years such as IT consumerization, cloud computing, mobile & location-based applications, self-service, app store, ubiquitous intelligence, social applications, internet of services, green IT, etc.
  3. Some real-world use cases as well as personal speculations on how these emerging trends will be gradually maturated and commoditized at different paces, passing through their respective hype cycles.
  4. Implications to the UX community.


Dan Rosenberg

Dan Rosenberg

Dan Rosenberg is a Senior Vice President at SAP, the largest Enterprise Applications Software company in the world. In this capacity he directs user experience design and usability activities across all SAP product lines including on-demand hosted software and mobile product variations. His team is also responsible for UCD methodology definition and corporate UI standards. Prior to joining SAP he was Vice President of R&D for UI Design at Oracle Corporation. Previous corporate positions include the role of User Interface Architect for Borland International and Ashton-Tate. While at Borland, he designed the first Windows GUI for Borland C++, as well as many other early innovative product user interfaces for personal computers.

Michael Arent

Michael Arent

Michael is VP of User Experience at SAP Labs LLC, Palo Alto California, where he heads the SAP Business Objects User Experience group, who designs for analytics and business intelligence products. He is co-author of the definitive book, Effective Prototyping - for Software Makers. Prior to joining SAP Michael managed and led design teams at companies such as Adobe, Apple, Sun, MetaDesign and Peoplesoft. Michael is the holder of six technology patents granted in the U.S. and internationally.

Sylvia Barnard

Sylvia Barnard

Sylvia Barnard is a program manager of end user involvement methods & processes and a project manager of the user researcher team of Business ByDesign at SAP. Her main focus is on gathering user data in all phases of the product development life cycle beginning with user interviews, concept validations, card sorting, user interface validations, and usability testing. She is a usability trainer and coach for all kind of usability methods and interview techniques. She is a guest lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, Germany. Before joining the software industry, she has been working as an architect for 10 years in Germany and France.

Jeff Zhu

Jeff Zhu

As country manager for SAP UX China team, Jeff Zhu is leading overall UX team in SAP Labs China to deliver enhanced user experience to business intelligence, business application in two SAP product lines, Business Objects and Business ByDesign. He is highly interested in how design thinking could influence the whole product development within the company. He also frequently shared his thoughts about design in various occasions, such as "Nature Explorer" in CHI and "Human Centered Design Planning" in UPA. Before joining SAP, he was lead designer in UCD team in Innovation Design Center of Lenovo, taking charge of the user experience and design planning of Lenovo consumer PC.

Alex Zhu

Alex Zhu

Alex Zhu is currently Director of Product Management in eBaoTech corporation, a global business application vendor for insurance industry. Alex's primary role is to head the company's Research Center to research, strategize, design, and develop next-gen product suite for future "model insurers", in light of the ongoing industry transformation as well as emerging technology trends.

Before joining eBaoTech, Alex had the honor to work in SAP for 5 years as User Experience Manager and Solution Manager. During this most decisive period of his career, he got opportunity to develop knowledge into the very exciting business application domain, contribute to some breakthrough innovation projects, and most importantly get inspired by many great people there.

Alex's early career experience includes working as design manager for WebEx, and E-business designer for Chinapages.com, one of the earliest Internet companies in China.

Alex had made speeches in various occasions, such as his 6.5 design philosophies and Value-centered Design (VCD) methodology.

If you don't mind nonsense and bad jokes, you can follow him on Twitter @bullshitting.



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