SAP User Experience

Special UX Edition: Edition 10 – published December 21, 2006; updated February 15, 2012

This is the tenth edition of the SAP Design Guild. More than 100 information packed articles have been published in the first nine editions, covering such diverse topics as accessibility, portals, branding, collaboration and composite applications. There was also our "philosophy" edition with which everything started at the SAP Design Guild back in 2000. With this tenth edition we would like to depart somewhat from previous editions and feature the SAP User Experience (SAP UX) team, led by Dan Rosenberg from mid-2005 to April 2012*, and its work.

SAP User Experience

In this edition we would like to show two aspects of the SAP UX team. First we would like to present a series of successful projects completed by SAP UX team members, which demonstrate how the team's work has impacted SAP's software development and how this work will lead to substantial improvements with respect to usability and user experience. Secondly, we have collected a handful of SAP UX-related articles that have already been published in the SAP Design Guild and put them in one place, thus providing our readers with a better overview of the SAP UX team's work and the principles that it follows. One cornerstone principle is the new User-Centered Design process (UCD process) that is currently being rolled out at SAP and discussed in several articles. Our new standards and guidelines for SAP's user interface will follow.

You will also see that the SAP UX team is a truly global team. It is spread out all over the world – from Palo Alto, USA to Walldorf, Germany, Sofia, Bulgaria, Ra'anana, Israel, Bangalore, India, and Shanghai, China.

Contrary to previous editions, this edition has been conceived as an "open" one. That means we were not publishing it as "ready-made." We were starting here with a small set of articles in December 2006 and built on it throughout the course of 2007 and will continue doing so if applicable.

Read the leading article The Art and Science of Usability by Silke Ecker.

*) Currently, the SAP User Experience team is lead by Sethu M., Head of Product Architecture and Technology Strategy.


We added several new articles since the original publication of the edition (these articles can also be found in the Stories section):

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