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Portal Design

How can Portals be designed so that they are easy to use and that users find the information and functionality they need.

Building Blocks

What are the ingredients of successful business portals of today and tomorrow?


SAP User Roles

How can user roles help to create a personalized and efficient work environment and how they help to reduce complexity? How can users extend their role definitions to better fit their personal information needs?

Portals vs. Desktop

We put portals into an historical perspective with hypertext, the Web, and the desktop. Workplace and MiniApps – Steps towards a Personalized and Efficient Electronic Work Environment

Previous Editions: Edition 1 published August 1, 2000 • see the disclaimer below

SAP enters the portal stage with the Workplace and its own vision of what a business portal should be: A blend of role-specific applications, reports, and information, all tailored to meet the needs of individuals and their individual workplaces. MiniApps at the doorstep of the Workplace are SAP's solution to accessing and managing a personalized electronic workspace.

In this section, renowned experts outside SAP as well as SAP experts discuss issues relevant to the Workplace, MiniApps, and roles, but also put the SAP approach into the wider perspective of portals in general. For your convenience, the articles are subsumed under different subjects, which are introduced in short.

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Disclaimer: Please note that this edition was written in 2000. Therefore, statements in the articles, particularly those regarding SAP's products, product strategy, branding strategy, and organizational structure, may no longer be valid.


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