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SAP's Presence at CHI 2008 in Florence, Italy – A Photo Story

By Gerd Waloszek, SAP User Experience, SAP AG – April 17, 2008

CHI 2008 logo

SAP was a Champion Sponsor of the CHI 2008 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, held from April 5 to 10, 2008 in Florence, Italy.

As in the previous years, SAP had a recruiting booth and board. Here are a couple of photos showing the booth, life at the booth, SAP UX participants in CHI panels, and more.



Building the SAP Booth...

Building the SAP booth

The "booth builders"

SAP booth nearly finished!

Opening the SAP Booth at the Conference Reception

Waiting for the crowd...

Answering questions

Answering questions

Life at the SAP Booth

Life at the SAP booth

Life at the SAP booth

SAP UX colleagues awaiting visitors

Life at the SAP booth

SAP UX colleagues awaiting visitors

Visit from Nordea

Recruiting Board & Sponsor Recognition

SAP recruiting board

Sponsor recognition (opening plenary)

Sponsor poster

Panel: Agile or Awkward – Surviving and Flourishing in an Agile/Scrum Project (Mary Lukanuski)

Mary Lukanuski (SAP) introduces the panel

Reinoud Bousman, Miles Rochford, and Jeroen de Bruin were participants in the panel


Answering questions from the audience...

Larry Constantine waits for the answer to his question


Panel: What Would You Do with a 1 Million Dollar User Experience Marketing Budget? (Carola Thompson)

Luke Kowalski (Oracle) introduces the panel

Carola Thompson (SAP)

Carola makes her point

Omar Vasnaik, Peter Heller, Darren Mc Cormick, and Tom Chi were also panelists

A question from the audience...

Concluding remarks by Luke




Panel: Branding the Feel – Applying Standards to Enable a Uniform User Experience (Mohini Wettasinghe, Michael Arent)

Mohini Wettasinghe (SAP) introduces the panel

Mohini Wettasinghe and the panelists

Michael Arent (SAP)

Mohini addresses panelists Everett McKay, Ty Lettau, Jonathan Arnowitz, and Michael Arent

Listening to a question from the audience

Michael Arent replies to a question from the audience

Around CHI 2008

Fortezza da Basso

Inside Fortezza da Basso - Congress Center

Inside the Congress Center


Photos contributed by Gerd Waloszek (click images for larger versions)


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