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Participant Groks Usability at ASUG 2007 Annual Conference

By Keri Carpenter, SAP User Experience, SAP Labs Palo Alto – May 11, 2007


Thomas Otter, a Business Solutions Architect with SAP AG, Germany, sat in on one of the usability sessions offered at the ASUG 2007 Annual Conference.

Usability session at ASUG 2007

Figure: Usability session at ASUG 2007

After returning home, he wrote on his blog about the experience and the process of User-Centered Design:

"The more I think about usability the less it has to do with programming languages and pretty GUI paradigms and the more it has to do with listening to the user."

Thomas really grokked the message of the SAP User Experience group and processes.

It is indeed about listening to the user and the programming langugages and pretty (or more importantly, usable) GUIs that we design are the end result of the process of doing our job effectively. The process leads to better designed software and more efficient and effective user, which of course leads to increasing our bottom line.

Thanks, Thomas, for taking the time to write about your experience at our sessions!


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