SAP User Experience at UPA 2010

By Christine Ronnewinkel and Gerd Waloszek, SAP User Experience, SAP AG – May 7, 2010

Christine Wiegand and Gerd Waloszek "For the first time in its history, the UPA conference will travel to the heart of Europe," proclaims the UPA 2010 website – namely, Munich, Germany, where it will be held from May 24 to 28, 2010. And it’s also coming to the home country of SAP! While SAP is now a multinational company with more than 95,000 customers in over 120 countries, it was founded in 1972 in Walldorf, Germany, where its headquarters still reside – about 300 km (or 200 miles) from Munich. Being so close to the conference, SAP User Experience (SAP UX) feels a strong pull to participate and will do so in a number of ways: SAP UX will be supporting the conference as a Platinum sponsor, and will therefore have the privilege of hosting an SAP recruiting booth. Additionally, Dan Rosenberg, Senior Vice President of SAP UX, has been invited to speak at the event. A number of SAP colleagues will also present papers, and other SAP UX team members will attend the conference, promoted on the UPA 2010 Website as a big networking opportunity: "One of the great strengths of the UPA conference is that it brings together a network of practitioners from around the world. This international conference will provide more networking and social interaction than ever before, putting you in touch with inspiring people and new ideas." And this includes "sharing ideas, visions and innovation strategies across cultures and across countries," as Silvia Zimmermann, President of the Usability Professionals' Association, puts it in her welcome address on the UPA 2010 Website.

German-speaking usability professionals will be glad to learn that there will be a German language track at the conference, as the German UPA section will be integrating their annual conference into the UPA 2010.

Logo of the UPA 2010 International Conference

Figure 1: The UPA 2010 International Conference Logo

Let’s take a brief look at SAP UX's upcoming activities at the conference.


Invited Speaker Dan Rosenberg To Deliver "Global Sustainability: Fit or Misfit for HCI?"

The UPA 2010 International Conference will have the motto "Embracing Cultural Diversity – User Experience Design for the World" and will "focus on how UX professionals can create great user experiences across different cultures, meeting the challenges of delivering to diverse audiences." Dan Rosenberg, Senior Vice President of SAP User Experience and invited speaker, will deliver a speech on May 27, 2010 entitled "Global Sustainability: Fit or Misfit for HCI?", which fits well into the overarching theme of the conference.

Dan Rosenberg, SVP, SAP UX

Figure 2: Dan Rosenberg, Senior Vice President of SAP User Experience, will be an invited speaker at the UPA 2010 International Conference

We aren’t privy to the finer details of Dan Rosenberg's talk, and it wouldn’t be a good idea to give away all his secrets in advance even if we were. But the abstract of his presentation on the UPA 2010 Website does provide a few hints as to what he‘ll discuss. Rosenberg recognizes that sustainability can be approached at both a personal and a professional level; but he is convinced that greater opportunities exist and that a more significant impact can be found at the professional level. Therefore, he will focus on the professional level and ask for HCI's contribution to global sustainability. After outlining an overall framework for understanding the policy and economic variables related to engineering products and systems for sustainability, Rosenberg will use this framework to explore several issues facing the HCI community, particularly regarding its maturity of practice as we become more active in this area. He will also include a number of "state of the art" industrial sustainability solutions with a strong focus on usability. These will serve as a case study to help shape the final discussion, in which he will present specific suggestions and debate them with the audience. The suggestions will illustrate "how HCI methods can increase the probability of success in meeting this critical design challenge." All in all, this will definitely be a presentation to watch out for!


SAP Recruiting Booth

As a Platinum Sponsor of the UPA 2010 conference, SAP will be manning a recruiting booth, organized by SAP UX colleague Christine Ronnewinkel. Christine will be supported at the booth by a colleague from SAP Human Resources and by additional SAP UX colleagues. If you are interested in working for SAP UX or just want to chat with SAP UX members, feel free to stop by the booth! You might even walk away with some great swag… Of course, there will be many more opportunities to interact with SAP UX members throughout the conference.

A preview of how the SAP UX booth might look like at the UPA 2010 International Conference (from CHI 2008)

Figure 3: A preview of how the SAP UX booth might look at the UPA 2010 International Conference (from CHI 2008)


SAP Paper Presentations

Several SAP UX colleagues successfully submitted papers for the UPA 2010 conference, and they will present their research or project results in Munich. We encourage you to attend the presentations, address our colleagues, and discuss their findings with them. Additional SAP UX colleagues will take part in the conference as attendees to broaden their professional background and network with UI design professionals and practitioners from all over the world.


Final Thoughts

The Usability Professionals Association (UPA) is one of the leading organizations for usability and UI design professionals and practitioners in the world. Originally based in the United States, it now has local chapters all over the world. It was thus a logical step to hold the international UPA conference at a location outside of the United States. As the conference is held in Germany this year, SAP User Experience can take advantage of the short distance from SAP's headquarters and will make a substantial contribution to the conference. But let’s not forget that SAP UX itself is spread all over the world: from Walldorf in Germany, to Ra'anana in Israel, Sofia in Bulgaria, Bangalore in India, Shanghai in China, and Palo Alto in the United States. Wherever the UPA International conference is held, SAP UX will be nearby!




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